Analyst Hub Technology Stack

  • All-in-one note publishing
  • Tiered subscriptions & limited note visibility
  • Custom email distribution & list management
  • data-driven analytics dashboards

All-in-One Note Publishing

Gain access to our proprietary publishing tool built for independent research businesses. Features include:

  • Word document upload & optimization options
  • Security pricing information and historical ratings for your coverage universe, sourced via API
  • Built-in PDF export options, available at the top of every note
  • Option for tiered subscriptions & limited note visibility. All readers must register in order to view content, maintaining privacy and making it easier than ever to build your prospect lists.
  • Automated compliance platform – ADD NOTES
  • Automatic posting options to Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus, the option for readers to share.

Email Distribution

Sending your notes to the masses has never been easier. After initial setup, enjoy:

  • Help from our sales team building your distribution lists, with the option to differentiate custom email templates between subscribers and prospects
  • Automatic note distribution upon publishing, plus the option to send additional custom Outlook emails to your full lists with just a click of a button. No more copy-pasting or maintaining a massive contact list yourself – this will all be managed within the Analyst Hub CRM.
  • Real-time updates via API between registrations on your website and addition to your private prospect lists
  • Automatic submission to Refinitiv, Factset, Bloomberg, & other aggregators

Custom Analytics Dashboards & CRM

Build your business using a data-driven approach. Keep track of subscribers, invoices, opportunities, note readership, and more via our custom dashboards and proprietary CRM.

  • Manage & track leads through the sales funnel into formal opportunities
  • Use our CRM to track, follow up, and convert prospects through to subscribers
  • Track client product consumption to drive interactions in anticipation of successful subscription renewals

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