Expert Speaker Attestation Form

Prior to Fermium Research hosted events, Expert Speakers are required to acknowledge they agree to the following statements:

A. I am aware that Fermium Research and its clients do not wish to become restricted from transacting in the securities of any issuer that I may discuss. Accordingly, I will not knowingly disclose to Fermium Research or its clients any:

  1. material and non-public information (“MNPI”) of, or relating to, any such issuer; or
  2. information that I have a contractual, fiduciary or other obligation to keep confidential.

B. I will promptly notify Fermium Research’s Legal/Compliance Department if any attendee or other person associated with the speaking engagement requests that I provide, and I intend on providing such, confidential information or MNPI.

C. I have received, read, understand and agree to the above-referenced Fermium Research’s policies regarding the use of MNPI and Confidential Information.

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